Lab 6: SaMo Mo. Topo

The average image many people, the world over, associate with the beach is that of a palm tree and a scrolling beach with either a jungle behind it, or a series of low scrolling dunes forming a low bluff abutting golden sands. California, however, is an exception ; in  few other places on the globe do you find large, depositional beach coastlines abutted by mountain ranges…indeed, this is an Eastern Pacific Phenomenon occurring along South America, but the extreme sand to mountain juxtaposition I chose is indeed home. This stretch of California beach in particular, where the Santa Monica Mountains meet the flank of Santa Monica Bay demonstrates this wondrous effect with great visual acuity.

Extent Data:

Top: 34.283ºN

Left: -118.881ºW

Right: -118.256ºW

BottomL 33.984ºN

a. A  3D rendering of this stretch of mountain:

b. An aspect map of this same segment:

c. A map indicating slope:

d. A shaded relief map:


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